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So I finished making a wee comic. It’s like Flash Gordon meets Limmy’s show. It can be read online for free here: purchased here:

So I finished making a wee comic. It’s like Flash Gordon meets Limmy’s show. It can be read online for free here:
and purchased here:

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12” Records

Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation
xBishopx – Suicide Party
Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss
Racetraitor / Burn It Down split
Verse – Rebuild 2005 Euro Tour Edition
Hatebreed – Satisfaction is the death of desire
Guns up! – Outlive Grewar dibs
Most Precious Blood – Nothing in Vain
Martyr AD – The Human Condition in Twelve Fractions
Death Angel – The Ultra Violence
Send More Paramedics – A Feast for the Fallen
Skull and Flames – s/f
Portraits of the Past – s/t
From Ashes Rise – Nightmares
Terror – One with the Underdogs
Dead Stop – Live for Nothing
Abandon Ship – ‘Till I Burst
With Honor – Heart Means Everything
No Turning Back -
No Turning Back – Stronger
Haymaker – s/t
Further Seems Forever – Hide Nothing
108 – A New Beat From a Dead Heart
Donnybrook – Lions in This Game
Extinction – Hypocrisy Breeds Traitors
Heaven Shall Burn/Caliban picture disc
Heaven Shall Burn – Deaf to our Prayers
Heaven Shall Burn – Antigone
Firestone – Element
Down to Nothing  - The Most
Chain of Strength – The One Thing That Still Holds True
Youth of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes
Shorebreak – Path of Survival
Shai Hulud – That Within Blood Ill Tempered
Deadlock – Earth Revolt
Diecast – Tearing Down Your Blue Skies
Adamantium – When it rains, it pours
Down to Nothing  - Save it For the Birds
Blacklisted – Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier
Allegiance – Desperation
All Out War – Condemned To Suffer
Aftershock  - Through the Looking Glass
Floor Punch – Fast Times…
Internal Affairs – s/t
Another Victim – Apocalypse Now
The First Step – What We Know
The First Step – Open Hearts and Clear Minds
Anthrax – Among the Living
Killing The Dream – In Place Apart
Nueva Etica – Inquerrantable
Internal Affairs – This is For You…
No Turning Back – Damage Done
One King Down – God Loves Man Kills
Final Fight – Under Attack
Die Young – Graven Images
Outbreak – You Make Me Sick Grewar dibs
First Blood – Killafornia
Stretch Arm Strong – A Revolution Transmission
Black Flag – Damaged
Minor Threat – Out of Step
Break It Up – No Sides
Burial Year – Pestilence
Sepultura – Beneath the Remains
Vitamin X – Bad Trip
Vitamin X – Down the Drain
Plaehorse – Amongst the Flock
Shai Hulud / Another Victim split
Silver Mt. Zion – Horses In The Sky
Snowblood – The Human Tragedy
Fugazi – Margin Walker
Fugazi – s/t
Embrace – s/t

The Legacy – We Gave Everything
Shai Hulud / Indecision split
Navies / A Day In Black and White split

cover on Flickr.Amazing Mr X Comic for competition at Uni

cover on Flickr.

Amazing Mr X Comic for competition at Uni

morrispaint on Flickr.first try at photoshop painting

morrispaint on Flickr.

first try at photoshop painting

Need feedback on my wee comic for uni

Need feedback on my wee comic for uni


Needing some feedback for my last assignment for uni, any help would be much appreciated!

thedeparted on Flickr.

thedeparted on Flickr.

endreign on Flickr.

endreign on Flickr.

notebooks on Flickr.

notebooks on Flickr.

Rollins on Flickr.

Rollins on Flickr.